Bethlehem Bound!

A long and winding road has brought me to this place! …  On September 2, I will begin the next segment of this journey as I embark on a 3 month appointment in Bethlehem as part of EAPPI‘s Group 45, serving from September 2 to December 1. Our group consists of 33 people from 17 countries across the globe who will live and work in 7 different locations within the occupied Palestinian territories … I am grateful to my sending organization, the United Church of Canada, which through its Mission and Service Fund has been committed to supporting EAPPI’s work for a just peace since its inception 10 years ago …  I invite you to journey with me as together we seek to discern the things that make for peace …

The separation wall now blocks what used to be the main road from Jerusalem to Bethlehem
Photo Credit: Dawn

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1 Response to Bethlehem Bound!

  1. sherryannea2 says:

    How significant, Dawn, that you have been placed in Bethlehem – a place that you knew before the Israeli government’s separation wall was built…
    peace, salaam, shalom, Friend,
    Sherry Ann

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