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“Neither Shall They Learn War Anymore” ~ Brave Israeli Jews Seek to Forge New Path

“He was only 15 years old. He was a pacifist.” Ruth is describing her son. “Israel is not a state with a military, but a military with a state,” she says. Ruth is an Israeli Jewish woman, one of the … Continue reading

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Even the Trees Wept …

The morning of October 6 was a tragic one for our local Palestinian farmers Abdul and Younis ~ even the trees wept … Our team responds to a call from our contact in the village of Al Khadr, 5 km … Continue reading

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“Let Justice Roll Down Like Water…”

These words of the prophet Amos from the 8th century BCE ring in my ears. Our team is visiting the village of Tuqu’ on the edge of the Judean desert, 12 km south of Bethlehem. This Palestinian Muslim village preserves … Continue reading

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Press Release: Occupation at Sea

The following is from Gush Shalom ~ the Israeli Peace Bloc. Click here or see below. Three Israelis among captured “Estelle.”  Also on board: Members of Parliament from Sweden, Norway, Spain, and Greece. Gush Shalom: “A stupid show of force, … Continue reading

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Update: Bedouin Tire School Spared ~ For Now

Thursday, October 11, was a good day for the Jahalin Bedouin! See the following press release and my related blog of September 18. PRESS RELEASE ~ Following a hearing on September 13, the Israeli High Court of Justice gave its … Continue reading

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EAPPI Urgent Action Appeal: Israeli Court Transfers Ownership of Private Palestinian Property in Hebron to Israeli Settlers

Our EAPPI Colleagues in Hebron have issued this call to action. If the transfer of this Palestinian property to Israeli settlers proceeds, there is a fear that violence will break out in Hebron. This area has been referred to as … Continue reading

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My Adopted Feline Family

Those of you who know me well will not be surprised. I have found myself a cat ~ actually more than one! There is a family of three living in our yard but apparently homeless. So what is one to … Continue reading

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Another Lesson in “Sumud” ~ Women in Black ~ Jerusalem

Sumud in action! Friday was my day off, and I was in Jerusalem. At 12:30 I found myself wandering toward Hagar Square ~ a major intersection of five main roads where the Jerusalem Women in Black hold vigil every Friday … Continue reading

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