Another Lesson in “Sumud” ~ Women in Black ~ Jerusalem

Women in Black ~ Jerusalem
EAs Stand in Support Each Friday
Photo Credit: Dawn

Sumud in action! Friday was my day off, and I was in Jerusalem. At 12:30 I found myself wandering toward Hagar Square ~ a major intersection of five main roads where the Jerusalem Women in Black hold vigil every Friday from 1:00-2:00. Rain or shine, hot or cold, 5 or 25, they stand. Every Friday for 24 years, these amazing Israeli women (and an occasional man) have stood in silent protest to their government’s occupation of Palestinian lands. Holding simple, handmade signs, they stand in witness. A black “hand” with simple words in Hebrew, Arabic and English: “Stop the Occupation.”

Women in Black ~ Friday Vigil ~ Jerusalem
Photo Credit: Thord Ove

I am honoured to stand with this noble tribe of courageous Israelis who dare to protest the actions of their government in a conservative climate that does not support their witness. On the opposite corner a few counter demonstrators hold signs and wave a flag. Cars honk their horns, but not in support. Passers-by stop to argue and take issue with this simple slogan. A meager few stop to say “thank you.” I note that most of those who stand in witness are the elders, the disabled ~ wise souls. Where are the youth? Where are those in the mainstream? They are absent.

Friday Vigil ~ Women in Black ~ Jerusalem
Photo Credit: Dawn

Returning to the hotel, I search a map. The meeting place is designated as “Paris Square.” I look up the website for Women in Black. It is noted that Hagar Square is indeed called Paris Square. But why not Hagar Square? I reflect on the name ~ Hagar. Woman of sorrow, acquainted with grief ~ Foreigner ~ Oppressed by her Jewish employer ~ Mistreated, cast out, rejected ~ An irony?

I reflect on this courageous witness ~ this example of sumud in action ~ 24 years of standing with no end in sight.

Best Buddy of a Woman in Black
Photo Credit: Dawn

Year after year, would I be this faithful ~ this steadfast ~ in the midst of what appears to be impossible odds? ~ When we have knowledge of unspeakable injustice, do we have the luxury of inaction? ~ Are we not compelled by all that is right and just to stand in silent witness that another way is possible? ~ On this particular Friday, this silent tribe of Jewish elders clad in back was the answer to my question.

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8 Responses to Another Lesson in “Sumud” ~ Women in Black ~ Jerusalem

  1. mlshatto says:

    Our Kirkridge pilgrimage group stood with the Women in Black when we were there in 1998. I don’t recall any counter-protestors, and there were a number of friendly honks and waves. How very sad that these faithful women still need to be there, and that opinion has turned even more strongly against them!

  2. Kimberly Roy says:

    Thank you for reminding about the women in black.

  3. thereginamom says:

    Oh, Dawn, each time I read one of your posts I am so very moved. Thank you for this work. And thank you for reminding me of the good work that the Regina Making Peace Vigil is doing here. Based on the WIB model, they hold a half hour vigil, passing out information on relevant issues, on a downtown pedestrian mall every Thursday at noon, “until peace breaks out.”

  4. Peter says:

    So proud of you and your team! I keep willing you the strength to stand tall!


  5. Carol says:

    Oh these postings are so very heart wrenching. What important work you are doing in Palestine for the people there, and for us ‘back home’ receiving first hand information and raising our consciousness about the suffering of these people, and their relentless courage.

  6. Janet says:

    Thank you for the posts Dawn – sending love and hugs from our house to help you keep up the good work!

  7. Divra says:

    Great that they do this. But it really needs to proceed along a path of action that has impact. 24 years without results is sad in so many ways.

  8. Colleen Jersild says:

    I stood there in 2005 and 2006 and met people from all over the world standing in solidarity.

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