My Adopted Feline Family

Mom and Babe ~ Bethlehem ~ Photo Credit: Dawn

Those of you who know me well will not be surprised. I have found myself a cat ~ actually more than one! There is a family of three living in our yard but apparently homeless. So what is one to do? Feed them, of course! Once mom realized I was the source of her breakfast every morning, she is now my new best friend.

Mom and Babe #2 ~ Photo Credit: Dawn

The two kittens are adorable  but won’t let me near them yet. Last week I watched one of them from a distance. She was having such fun pouncing on a dirt clod and running in circles around the base of a small tree. Early this week the two babes ventured out to the milk dish and proceeded to step in it! Yesterday the three of them were all eating together.

Cat food is an expensive and hard to come by commodity in the West Bank, so the trio has been dining on canned turkey lunch meat. I can’t end the occupation or bring about peace in the Middle East, but I can make a difference for this little feline family. And they warm my heart.

Sweet Puppy ~ Bethlehem ~ Photo Credit: Dawn

P.S. Lest you think I am partial to cats, my teammate and I carried this little fellow to a spring for a drink on a hot day. He seemed intent on following some little boys around, but appeared to belong to no one. It was hard not to bring him home! ~ Pets are a luxury in a context where most people are focused on basic subsistence needs.

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12 Responses to My Adopted Feline Family

  1. Pam says:

    Dawn, thank you for this reminder that peace is a verb, not a noun, and one-being-at-a-time, one-action-at-a-time is the only sustainable way to affect change.

  2. Jo Nicholas says:

    LOL… loved this posting… trust you of the heart full of love to include our beloved 4 legged in your journey of hope.. blessings and love Dawn

  3. Mary Faith says:

    Glad to see the beauty and the sweet in the midst of the pain.
    Mary Faith

  4. judith says:

    melt my heart why don’t cha?
    how will you ever leave them behind?

  5. KPower says:

    So, so cute, can you bring them home? (Aaron) So glad these precious animals can warm your heart. We so love keeping in touch with you. Much discussion occurs after your posts. Love and Polar Bear Hugs, Power Family

  6. pugmother says:

    I am so glad you found your mother cat and kitten, Dawn!
    They will massage your heart when you have seen too much hurt and injustice.
    I always look forward to you blogs and I hope you will be able to keep going.
    Love and Pug hugs from the Whartons.

  7. Peter Blackall says:

    Nice relief for you from the reality that surrounds you Dawn! Yesterday I spoke with a young women soldier just back from Afghanistan. She found a stray dog during a 12 hour recon mission and managed to get her back to Canada. Soooooooo…

    Big hug,


  8. Iris Stanley says:

    Yes! Pets give us a moment of open and unconditional friendship, joy, love and warmth. (the last is more appreciated in Canada) Will the next group be able to look after them or will they be left alone? Can you bring them back home?
    I just can imagen you after a hard day of unbearable conditions sitting in your yard with cat, kittens and puppy all over you and being able to relax a bit. Enjoy them and forget for a while.
    Thanks Iris

  9. margie zachariou says:

    These are the little bright rays of sunshine which help to counter-balance what I’m sure you must feel are insurmountable hardships faced by the families you are among; they help prevent one from being sucked in and drained.

  10. margaret Robertson says:

    It will be so nice to be welcomed home by your furry friends who love unconditionally. Marg R

  11. marilyn says:

    Baby Cakes and Simon and so many of us know how caring you are of all beings. What a big heart you have, Dawn.

  12. TRISH YOUNG says:

    Oh so cute, Dawn! Little animals can so warm your heart!

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