A Historic Moment in Time

Bethlehem Demonstration
Supporting Palestinian UN Bid
Photo Credit: Dawn

The excitement is palpable! In Bethlehem yesterday there was a demonstration in support of Abu Mazen’s UN bid for non-member observer status. And tomorrow is a defining moment in the history of this struggle. November 29 is not just any old day. It is the 65th anniversary of the 1947 UN General Assembly vote on resolution 181 for partition and creation of both a Jewish state and an Arab state in Palestine. In 1977 the UN declared November 29 an “International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People.” How will this day be remembered in 2012?

In Support of Palestinian UN Bid ~ Bethlehem
Photo Credit: Dawn

Palestinians in the region are hopeful that the bid will be successful ~ Palestine will likely become a non-member observer state, a status that could potentially give Palestine the legal standing to file criminal charges against Israeli officials in the International Court of Justice for war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the occupied territories ~ But Israel and the United States are threatening sanctions ~ sanctions for requesting what they themselves hold dear ~ the basic right of freedom of self-determination ~ Critics say that a state can only be achieved through negotiations with Israel. But when have the oppressed ever gained freedom by asking their oppressor for permission to be free?

However, the real question here on the ground is what will happen the day after November 29? Whatever happens, the world will be watching ~ And we will be here to witness ~ May this be a step toward a just peace and not a match to light the embers ~ Is not my freedom bound up with yours and yours with mine? ~ So it is with Palestine and Israel.

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7 Responses to A Historic Moment in Time

  1. Gordon Verplank, White Rock, British Columbia, CANADA says:

    Blessings on all of you. Peace.

  2. marilyn says:

    I will be anxiously awaiting the news, Dawn. A potentially wonderful step! I so appreciate receiving your messages. Have learned so much.

  3. judith says:

    Monitoring available news media for the result of the vote. Dare I say I’m “cautiously optimistic”?
    Be well Dawn – and safe.

  4. Rosemarie says:

    Regardless of what happens tomorrow, this is a small step forward. Looking forward to your big step back to us, Dawn.

  5. Linda Keough says:

    It is now official!!! We shall see how this figures into the talks with Israel. I dare say it will not have any impact. The U.S. Congress has even threatened financial sanctions if the Palestinians improve their status at the U.N. I just don’t understand this. What is everyone so afraid of?

  6. Brenda MacLauchlan says:

    I cheered as the news was reported. In spite of John Baird’s inappropriate comments and his aligning our country with the other 8 nations who voted against, I am happy for the possibilities in Palestine and Palestinians being recognized as a land and a people with rights.

  7. Chris Mann says:

    As usual, your words touch a deep place in me. Many thanks for being on the front line of history, and for sharing your observations with such passion. I’m so disappointed in Canada and the US, but still hold great hope for better days ahead in the Middle East.

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