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The Longest Night ~ And Still We Wait

It’s December 21 ~ the shortest day that ushers in the longest night of the year ~ and still we wait. According to one interpretation of the Mayan calendar, some were waiting for the world to end. But we woke, … Continue reading

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Advent in a Storied Town ~ Waiting ~ Yet Again

‘Tis the season ~ It is advent once again ~ the season of waiting, the season of preparation … The streets of Bethlehem ~ that “little town” of ancient myth and story ~ take on the festive look of Christmas. … Continue reading

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The UN Vote and the Days Following

November 29 ~ EAPPI Group 45 has gathered in East Jerusalem for our final debriefing days before returning to our various countries. It is a historic day. Israelis in support of the Palestinian bid are rallying in Tel Aviv in … Continue reading

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