Stories Still Waiting to Be Told

Graffiti ~ Separation Barrier ~ BethlehemPhoto Credit: Dawn

Graffiti ~ Separation Barrier ~ Bethlehem
Photo Credit: Dawn

As members of Group 45 packed our bags to leave our posts as Ecumenical Accompaniers (EAs) in Palestine and Israel, we were told by our Jerusalem staff that our job does not really end with the completion of our 3 months of service. We simply switch “hats” and become Ecumenical Advocates ~ still EAs …  It is true ~ Stories are swirling in my head and heart. They want a hearing. And I want to tell them ~ This means that I will keep writing ~ I hope that you will keep reading.

I look forward to continuing the “conversation” we have begun ~ here or perhaps in person. My first public presentation will be in Whitehorse (Yukon!) on January 18. If you are interested in providing an opportunity and venue to engage others in this ongoing work for justice and peace, please contact me by posting a comment on this blog.

Graffiti ~ Separation Barrier ~ BethlehemPhoto Credit: Dawn

Graffiti ~ Separation Barrier ~ Bethlehem
Photo Credit: Dawn

May this new year further the great turning ~ may it bring new beginnings, new opportunities, new openings, new ways to love and live together ~ Thank you for reading and responding, for caring and sharing, for your commitment to a just peace and to things that matter. Together we can make a difference.

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7 Responses to Stories Still Waiting to Be Told

  1. What would be the cost of bringing you – not quite so far north?
    We should talk.

  2. Ruth Blaser says:

    Keep writing your heart Dawn, and I will keep reading. You are an excellent writer. Love to you and all you love. rb

  3. Anne Loewan says:

    I look forward to your continued reflections. They are so interesting and keep us aware of the situation as it unfolds. May this new year be one of more peace and understanding and new resolutions.

  4. Iris Stanley says:

    It is so good of you to keep on blogging, Dawn. I am sending your blogs on to as many friends as I can, This way we can let as many people know what is going on…. and more voices make a much louder noise… everybody shout out to our government representatives who seem to be blind and deaf. We have to make a difference before it is too late. I am thankful for people like you who can tell the story because you experienced it.
    thank you,

  5. Brenda MacLauchlan says:

    I too am glad for your continued informed thoughtful inspiring reflections. I was worship leader at Sunset United Church December 30th. The reflection was on ‘harden not your heart’ and included part of your October 29th blog and began with recalling our visit from Sherry Ann Chapman the previous year. Thank you for your faithfulness,

  6. Kimberly Roy says:

    I am very interested to have a conversation with you about a speaking opportunity.
    Please keep in contact.

  7. Audrey brooks says:

    Welcome back and thank you for the dedication you broght to the 4peace movement.!

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