“Oasis of Peace” ~ An Intentional Community

Logo ~ Wahat al-Salam/Neve Shalom

Logo ~ Wahat al-Salam / Neve Shalom

It is mid-term orientation. After 2 days of lectures and diplomatic advocacy in East Jerusalem, all 33 EAs board a bus at 1:30 PM for our 2 day road trip. It is unintentionally timed to coincide with the first big storm of the season. Pouring rain and high winds hamper visibility. It is cold and damp. Our destination is the small village of Wahat al-Salam / Neve Shalom, perched on a hill midway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Playground ~ Wahat al-Salam / Neve Shalom Photo Credit: Dawn

Playground ~ Wahat al-Salam / Neve Shalom
Photo Credit: Dawn

Translated “Oasis of Peace,” this community was established in the early 1970s as an intentional village made up of an equal number of Jewish Israelis and Palestinian Israelis ~ both citizens of Israel ~ who have chosen to share life in this place. As our host, Daoud Boulos, said to us, “We are a model of what a one state solution could look like. Our community is based on mutual acceptance, respect, and cooperation. It’s not always easy, but it is possible.” The village currently has about 60 families with plans for another 80.

Bilingual Binational School ~ Wahat al-Salam / Neve Shalom Photo Credit: Dawn

Bilingual Binational School
Photo Credit: Dawn

The bilingual, binational elementary school began in 1984 and is the first of its kind in Israel. Today it enrolls 250 children ~ 90% come from surrounding villages. Due to the school’s maverick approach, it took 16 years for Israel’s Department of Education to grant it official recognition. The school is based on the principle that each child’s unique identity should be nurtured while at the same time fostering a respectful knowledge of the culture and traditions of others. Inspired by this model, similar schools have recently been launched.

School for Peace Photo Credit: Dawn

School for Peace
Photo Credit: Dawn

Among the numerous initiatives developed by the community is the School for Peace, established in 1979 for the purpose of engaging in “encounter work” between Jews and Palestinians. In its 34 years of operation, over 60,000 young people have attended School for Peace encounters. Programs include: training facilitators, hosting seminars for empowering Jewish and Palestinian women, and providing year long graduate courses in cooperation with four Israeli universities.

Dr. Nava Sonnenschein

Dr. Nava Sonnenschein
Photo Credit: Dawn

As the day draws to an end, so does our meeting with Daoud. Returning to our bus, we notice that the rain has let up for the moment. We are warmed by the coffee and tea that has been provided and decide to take a quick walking tour around the community. As we pass the School for Peace, the skies open once again and we run for cover. Thirty-three EAs huddle together under the school’s awning. We are fortunate that the Founding Director, Nava Sonnenschein, still happens to be in her office at day’s end. She greets us warmly, provides us with pamphlets, and talks with us about the important nature of their work ~ to be agents of change. The rain lets up again for a moment, and we dash toward our waiting bus. The wind howls. It is still cold and damp outside ~ but inside we are warmed by the hope that is made tangible in this place.

Nava Sonnenschein (Jewish) Daoud Boulos (Palestinian) Photo Credit: Dawn Photo Credit: Dawn

Nava Sonnenschein (Jewish)
Daoud Boulos (Palestinian)
Photo Credit: Dawn

It’s raining once again as the bus winds its way down the hill. I think of all that has gone into the creation of this “Oasis of Peace” ~ the vision, the dream, the intentionality, the commitment, the willingness to work through the hard places, the desire to celebrate the other, the values of respect, equality, justice and reconciliation nurtured here ~ I think of Nava’s passion ~ to be an agent of change ~ And I remember Daoud’s words: “It’s not always easy, but it is possible” ~ And I reflect ~ Most things that are worthwhile are not easy.

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7 Responses to “Oasis of Peace” ~ An Intentional Community

  1. Bob Hetherington says:

    Dawn, what an inspiring report to receive this morning on what sounds like a absolutely wonderful place. Too bad it is so unique and not part of a growing pattern. Difficult but possible … It truly does capture the heart of so much that is transformative. Shalom/Salaam. Bob and Marg

  2. Kathy Power says:

    Dear Dawn.
    You inspire me and your message speaks to me about all things in life. I often say to the kids that often the most difficult decisions are the right ones! Something more for us to reflect on the possibility, the hope, that we can all live differently. Love to you this precious morning. Kathy Power

  3. Debbie Hubbard says:

    Dear Dawn:
    We had a chance to visit Wahat al-Salam / Neve Shalom in 2012. It truly was an Oasis of Peace for us that day. That morning as we left Jerusalem we drove down a road that ran through West Jerusalem and a particularly orthodox Jewish neighbourhood. I don’t remember the name of the road but I do remember that we were told that given it would be the Sabbath when we returned we would have to find another route back into the city as our bus could be stoned for violating Sabbath rules. And then we arrived at Wahat al-Salam / Neve Shalom…to hear the stories and the commitment of the leaders that a new way of being and living together was possible was a sign of hope for us…thank you again for reminding me of that spot of brightness in what had started out as a very dark day.

  4. Janice Young says:

    Dear Dawn,
    Thank you for all your amazing messages of struggle and hope. I shared from your “Haunting Specters” blog last week at St. John’s. Thank you for your faithful witness to peace.
    Merry Christmas,

  5. Carolyn McDade says:

    How deeply encouraging. This story is a teaching. . . beyond resolving a conflict is living into the new relationship. This shows that beginning before may help resolve the conflict as well as lead
    to the future beyond. So valuable to share this story. Thank you. Thank you. You are in my heart these holidays. love, Carolyn

  6. Gilda L.F.Valli says:

    This is very inspiring, Dawn, and some balm to all the harshness of the Israeli government and their persecution of the Palestinians.
    Gilda Valli

  7. Marilyn says:

    Your story gave me goosebumps … and, of course, hope.
    Love to you at this special time of the year, Dawn.

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