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A Swing, a Slide, and a Soccer Field ~ Targets of the Occupation

What do a swing, a slide, and a soccer field have in common? It would seem an obvious question ~ these are all things which provide children a safe place to play and simply be children. But in this Palestinian … Continue reading

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Standing Together ~ A Moment of Hope

“How do you remain hopeful?” This question was asked again this week. And sometimes it is hard to formulate an answer. Yet as I participated in the peace march on Saturday night in the heart of West Jerusalem ~ standing … Continue reading

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“The Situation Is Back to Normal” ~ Redefining “Normal”?

I currently have one of the mobile phones from our office which alerts the recipient to incidents of “clashes,” rammings, stabbings, search operations, or other violence. These messages come from UNDSS ~ the United Nations Department of Safety and Security. … Continue reading

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Where Do We Get Our Information? ~ It Makes a World of Difference

People often ask, “Where do I find good information?” My thanks to long-time activist for peace with justice, Kathy Bergen, for the following which she sent on email this morning. Kathy has lived 16 of the last 33 years in … Continue reading

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Ready? Set? Go!

Are we ever really “ready” or “set” for what life places in our path? But ready or not, we can choose to open to what presents itself ~ Here I am, send me! ~ And so I find myself in … Continue reading

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