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Lest We Forget ~ Eyewitness in Gaza

Below is a long post from Maureen Tobin, who recently returned from Gaza ~ Gaza, a place besieged ~ Gaza, the 360 square km open air prison where over 1.8 million Palestinian human beings seek to eke out a living … Continue reading

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Restricted Movement ~ Collective Punishment?

It is a frustrating start to our morning. We have plans for a full day of visiting the communities in South Hebron Hills with our UN contact and friend, Hamed. I had arrived in Hebron the night before to stay … Continue reading

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The Hospitality of a Stranger

I walk through the checkpoint complex in the wall separating my home on the outskirts of Jerusalem from Bethlehem. Among all the “vendors” shouting out their destinations, I find a service (pronounced: serveece), going to Hebron. I climb in and … Continue reading

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“Casualties” of the Occupation ~ Stories that Break Your Heart

Tragic and heart breaking ~ so many stories that rarely reach mainstream western media ~ stories often reported here as just another casualty in a long string of casualties. Two EAs from our Bethlehem team recently submitted first-hand details of … Continue reading

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Singing Their Longings ~ A Beautiful Sound

They sing from their hearts ~ waving flags and donning hats, keffiyehs and scarves with green, white, black and red ~ colours of Palestine. Mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, young people and small children ~ all gathering to sing … Continue reading

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“Caged Bird” ~ A Freedom Song

When I received the invitation to come to Palestine for two months, I was immersed in reading Maya Angelou’s articulate and moving 7-volume autobiography. So, naturally, I brought the books with me to provide some diversion. Little did I know … Continue reading

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Breaking News ~ Freedom of the Press Suppressed

This blog was published today by my colleague and friend, Jan, who is on the ground in Hebron. I am re-blogging sections of her post for my readers. Thank you, Jan, for your witness and for this window on the … Continue reading

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