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Advent and Christmas Reflections from Bethlehem

In the words of the well known carol, the hopes and fears of all the years meet here in this storied town, in a storied land ~ a land that is full of trouble and beauty ~ full of fear and faith, … Continue reading

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Punitive Demolitions ~ An Illegal, Inhumane Form of “Deterrence”

It typically transpires like this ~ A person is involved or suspected of being involved in an act of violence. Guilt is not established by a judge or jury as the person is most likely neutralized (killed) rather than arrested. The … Continue reading

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Lights in the Darkness

These are dark days ~ in so many ways. Fear and suspicion, despair and hopelessness are palpable ~ As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, we long for light, for hope, for peace to come to our broken … Continue reading

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Ten Days in the Life of al-Hadidiya ~ One Small Palestinian Village

The small Palestinian village of al-Hadidiya is located in Area C in the northern Jordan Valley, near the illegal Israeli settlement of Ro‘i. The approximately 90 residents earn their living as shepherds and farmers. Al-Hadidiya is not hooked up to … Continue reading

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An Ironic Relation between Fiction and Reality

It seems I have failed in my attempt to read books as a diversion from the realities of the occupation. After finishing Maya Angelou’s autobiography (see the blog Caged Bird), I picked up a copy of Reading Lolita in Tehran: … Continue reading

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