The World Council of Churches’ Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel (EAPPI) is an initiative under the WCC’s Ecumenical Campaign to End the Illegal Occupation of Palestine: Support a Just Peace in the Middle East. Its mission is to accompany churches and others in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territory in their non-violent actions and concerted advocacy efforts to end the occupation and support a just peace in the Middle East. Participants of the programme monitor and report violations of human rights and international humanitarian law, support acts of non-violent resistance alongside local Christian and Muslim Palestinians and Israeli peace activists, offer protection through non-violent presence, engage in public policy advocacy and, in general, stand in solidarity with the churches and all those struggling against the occupation.

The United Church of Canada has participated in this initiative of the World Council of Churches since it began in 2002. As of fall 2015, the EAPPI has received over 1,600 Ecumenical Accompaniers from 25 countries, who have served in small teams for three-month periods in seven locations in the occupied Palestinian territory, including East Jerusalem.

More information on the EAPPI and regular updates from the Ecumenical Accompaniers are available at: www.eappi.org

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