Oven Wins in Court ~ But Battle Is Not Over

The Old Taboon ~ Um al Kher Village Photo Credit: Dawn

The Old Taboon ~ Um al Kher Village
Photo Credit: Dawn

Yes, the old taboon won the recent court case ~ against all odds. It can’t be touched by soldiers, settlers or police. So goes the court decision. But under cover of darkness, settlers from the illegal Al Karmel settlement ~ those who had brought the oven to court ~ came into the village and poured cold water into the hot oven. The Italian NGO with whom we work attended Um al Kher village early the next morning to assess the damage. The Israeli police were there to take their obligatory report.

Abu ~Um al Kher Photo Credit: Dawn

Suliman Hadaleen ~ Um al Kher Village
Photo Credit: Dawn

Villagers feared that the oven would be cracked beyond repair; however, word today is that it can be fixed. But it means a day with no bread! ~ Who will pursue justice? ~ So much for the court decision! ~ This is but one small example of how the current Israeli administration and the settlement enterprise not only ignore court orders, but intentionally act in defiance of such. The oven has won, but the battle is not over!

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4 Responses to Oven Wins in Court ~ But Battle Is Not Over

  1. Regina Lark says:

    “Wow” is just about the only word coming outta of my mouth. Thank you for posting, Dawn. xo

  2. Shelagh says:

    I shall bake bread and give thanks! Each loaf shall be a prayer that justice roll down. May the oven that was broken be filled and overflow with bread for all. Let it embody the miracle of hope as the story is told. The little oven that could!

  3. pugmother says:

    Injustice with impunity! I am so angry, I could spit.
    You are very brave, Dawn, to be able to carry on. You’re a brick!

  4. Marilyn says:

    A small victory with still a cost!!! “Unfair” doesn’t even come close to describing the situation.

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