Gaza ~ I Am Left Without Words

Pain of a Gazan Father
Photo Credit: Palestinian Human Rights Center

It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words ~ I want to post something about Gaza, but what can one say? I am left without words ~ Only questions come to mind ~ Violence of any kind is not acceptable, but how does one justify bombing an open air prison with over 1.5 million civilians, who have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide? Are not the lives on the receiving end of the bombs in Gaza as precious as those on the receiving end of the rockets in Israel? How do we stop this warring madness?

Friday’s Demonstration in Al Ma’sara
Photo Credit: Dawn

Our friends in both Palestine and Israel who are working for a just peace are heartsick. The tension is palpable. The mood is sober ~ When will Israel be held accountable to International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Conventions? When will they end this unholy occupation? When will the international community rise up and demand an end to this insane escalation of violence in the name of a false security? When will civil society say, “Enough is enough”? ~ When will we ever learn? ~ Bombs will not bring peace. Rockets will not bring peace ~ Only justice, dignity, human rights, equality, respect ~ only these intangibles can pave the way for peace.

Baby Lougan ~ One Day Old
Born 11 November 2012
Photo Credit: Ellinor

Hearts are heavy here in this land. Many are afraid. Many are in pain. Many are grieving ~ But as our Palestinian friend and neighbor said tonight at the wall prayer, “Let’s pray for both sides, that this violence will cease.” ~ Palestinian author Sami Al Jundi puts it poignantly: “My children will be safe only when your children know safety, and your children will be safe only when my children know safety … but actually there’s no such thing as my children and your children. There’s only our children.” ~ Will you lend your voice to the cause of justice and peace ~ for all our children?

A Point of Light
Photo Credit: Dawn

Consider writing to your political representatives. Call for an end to this warring madness! Consider joining a protest or a vigil. If there isn’t one in your area, start one! Light a candle in this dark night…

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13 Responses to Gaza ~ I Am Left Without Words

  1. Lesley Mitchell says:


    I visited a temple for the Buddhist God of Compassion; the monk blessed a prayer for the Palestinian people. I know nothing about how to pray…but a prayer was sent.

    Be safe

  2. Bob and Marg says:

    We are in great pain over this latest outburst of violence. The sight of injured children is despicable. We yearn for your safety and the end to this insane attempt to achieve a peace through violence. Shalom/Salaam.

  3. shelagh says:

    As tears slip down my cheeks; …..
    I am writing and making any contacts that I can
    so that one day
    our children will be safe and free to love.

  4. Regina Lark says:

    It is so terrible to feel so helpless, so much rage and sadness about the loss of life, the loss of humanity, the loss of heart. Thanks for being there. xo

  5. Annabel Sheppard says:

    It breaks our hearts to see and hear about the escalated violence in Gaza and Israel. Hoping hard for some kind of resolution and peace. Stay safe and we wish you courage in continuing your work. Annabel and Don

  6. pugmother says:

    I am almost speechless! And furious! What caused this unprovoked attack?
    I understood that the Palestinians were hoping for statehood soon. Could that have been the reason for the attacks?
    Dawn, Malcolm and I think about you every day. Stay safe!
    Love, Mieke

  7. Jo Nicholas says:

    I was so infuriated with the news… the attack on Israel had a news representative there but no one was there on location from Gaza… NO…. what?…. Palestinians are worthy… what was THAT all about… I pray daily for peace to come to all and that you are soon home with us….

    Brenda Howe sends her love and I am forwarding your blogs to her…

    Looking forward to a physical hug and please, from my broken heart, please give love and hope to all you come in contact with…

    Love and light.. right now I feel no place exists for real belly laughter, although the new life is a blessing


  8. pugmother says:

    Dawn, here is a comment from a Jewish friend who lives in the U.S.:
    “The Israel-Gaza conflict is atrocious; belligerence on both sides. This could
    have been resolved many years ago, but it appears that it will be eternally
    and stubbornly mishandled.”
    I am happy to note that he is not favouring one side or the other.
    Dawn, we love you and we look forward to your safe return. In the meantime we are grateful for your blogs and your unbiased reporting!
    P.S. I am forwarding your blogs to our daughter Ann. She needs to know what is going on.


  9. Marilyn says:

    Dawn, your photo of the man holding his dead child really hits to the core. As a parent, I cannot imagine his pain! However, I do ache for him. How does he go on? May you continue to give hope where it must seem hopeless to so many. I am so glad you are there to share what is really happening……. but I will be glad when you are home, too!

  10. Peter says:

    Dawn, it is just impossible to comprehend the situation you are living in! We are in Palm Springs and the US media has covered some of the fighting, but is just so hard to grasp the reality from such coverage. Your words and pictures make it so real!

    Stay safe, we want you back all in one piece!!


  11. Lorne Lea says:

    PM Harper says Israel has the right to defend its borders. What about the massive retaliation when Palestinians try to protect their homes and land? I am saddened by his onesidedness.

  12. Audrey brooks says:

    All I do is cry inside day after day. How can a nation who suffered so much under Hitler do the same thing to others who are trying to live and raise their families? There has to be a solution where both sides are determined to live peacefully. All people deserve the same rights, no matter what side they are on politically. Why do we have to make one side or the other inferior and worthy of destruction? Oh God, where are you when you are needed as a peacemaker?

  13. Lori says:

    Dawn, you’ve been on my mind constantly since the bombing broke out. It is incomprehensible, and yes, madness, that people and governments take such actions. Take good care and stay safe.

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